Veronique Sodano – lead vocals                                         Linkedin
Suzan Veneman – trumpet, backing vocals
Anja Nielsen – tenorsax, backing vocals                     Facebook
Mijin Kim – piano
Sylvia Maessen – double bass                                           Youtube
Agnese Valmaggia – drums


Dutch Vintage Jazzband Alice in Dixieland is a group of six professional female jazzmusicians, who gleefully slalom between swing, mainstream, dixieland, oldstyle and bebop. Beside their impeccable instrument control the musicians display their vocal qualities. That’s why the close-harmony vocals (Andrews Sisters) are one of the high features of the band.Alice_par_John_Tenniel.png

Alice was founded in 1978 and has treated the audience to inspired soloing, sparkling close-harmony vocals, splattering horn collectives and a sympathetic stage performance from the Azores to Northern Finland, from Schotland to Poland, from Tunesia to Germany.

The band is named after the famous book of the English writer Lewis Carroll: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, written in 1865. (Drawing of John Tenniel). The jazzladies feel like “Alice”, embarking on their music-adventure with an open mind.